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I offer website design exclusively executed on the WordPress platform. It has become the most popular alternative to standard HTML website design. Best of all, WordPress offers an economical way to create a multi-functional website that you can easily update. And if you want customers to find you, WordPress websites are easier to optimize for search engines such as Google than standard websites so for “SEO” it is the way to go.

These website samples show the variety of custom website styles I have created using WordPress. Click the url link in each description to see the full site. 

Jacob’s Ladder School

Jacob’s Ladder is a special needs school serving the metro Atlanta area. They wanted to include a lot of information would not overwhelm the visitor by creating an inviting user experience. The site has two threads for each disability: one invites the user to find child’s needs and introduce the school philosophy, the other delves into the science and improvements their techniques provide.  

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Visit the site HERE

Anchor Lab Services website

This company supplies a specialized service for physicians and health care providers collecting samples to be delivered to laboratories. CA Graphic Design developed the logo and branding for all collateral. The website includes a list of testing services, lab partners and long forms for medical office engagement.

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Visit the site HERE

Laurie Orth Music Educator

Laurie-Orth-Music-Educator-websiteLaurie needed a site for her unique enterprise of music education with STEM approach. Her teaching tools including music books as well as online classes and speaking engagements target music and science educators, school administrators and home-schooling parents.

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Visit the site HERE

Exceleration Partners website

I have been working with Jodie Charlop rebranding her expanding executive consulting business to include three affiliated business websites. This site targets corporate leaders focusing on executive training, team leader training and learning programs. An essential part of the site is their Knowledge Center page offering white papers, book recommendations and on-line materials. Visit the site HERE

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Gilbert Tweed website

gilberttweed home pageThis executive search firm has been in business for 25+ years and needed fresh website that will set them apart from competitors. The assignment included a revision of the company logo and brand development emphasizing their international reach. Additionally, our research into similar industry sites revealed that most were text heavy and lacked visual interest. This site stands out with the enhancement of carefully chosen feature images and sublte color palette.  Simplicity and ease of navigation further adds to a good user experience. Visit the site HERE

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Clean Sleep website

Clean Sleep home pageThis is a new website for a commercial and residential mattress cleaning service. The design and colors reflect their target positioning offering a modern way to clean and sanitize mattresses highlighting their new technology.
Visit the site HERE

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Clean Sleep interior page



Print Management Group website

PMG home pageThis is a new website for a multi service printing company. The challenge was to create a home page that displays all services. I created an interactive “color wheel” with custom icons to help navigate to each of the services.

Visit the site HERE.

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PMG interior page


Warner Fuller Financial Consultant

Warner Fuller interior website pageThis company had a dated looking site which lacked a branded message. I designed a new site giving it a fresh professional look targeting women-owned businesses. A feature illustration comprised of icons representing all facets of her consultancy serves as a navigation tool and incentive to explore the site. Visit the site HERE

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Zulu Airline Systems website

zulu airlines home page

This company specializes in airline flight scheduling software. Their innovative software organizes all aspects of planning and is easy to implement. Rather than a using a photo for the hero image the client wanted to show the advantages of their cloud native system. The illustration showing the various screens is animated with “hot spots” linking to interior pages. Visit the site HERE

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zulu differencezulu solution


Patternfox Consulting website

patternfox consulting home pageThis is a new company launched by several Georgia Tech biologists specializing in bio-inspired design. They offer consultation and prototype creation to the product design industry as well as training. The home page is a scrolling style inviting the user to delve further with animated links. The result involved the creation of several custom graphics and icons as well as a search for appropriate images. Visit the site HERE

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patternfox about uspatternfox resources

Jasso Floors website

jasso home pageThis company needed a website that would showcase their handcrafted hardwood flooring emphasizing their unique methods used to create their own brand of custom flooring solutions. The target audience encompasses homeowners, business owners as well as contractors and designers. Visit the site HERE

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 jasso craftsmanshipJasso Floors collection


Camp Tall Timbers website

Summer Camp website designThis website was fun but challenging because camp sites have many “moving parts” – activities, staff bios, rates, forms, store, etc. The challenge was to create clear navigation as well as to showcase the camp experience in a fun and engaging way. To accomplish this I created a unique home page that included a series of illustrative icons that were used throughout the site. Because the site is image-driven, photo enhancement was an integral part creating a professional looking site. Visit the site HERE

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Camp Tall Timbers website page 1Camp Tall Timbers website page 2

Potential Matters website

PotMatt home 800I have been working with Jodie Charlop rebranding her expanding executive consulting business to include three affiliated business websites. The home page of Potential Matters contains a video to compliment the main message. The site targets those needing guidance with career strategy, acceleration, and empowerment. Visit the site HERE

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