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Your logo identifies your business or product and a well-designed logo gives your company an impression of professionalism. And it is not just for your business card! Websites are often your first interface with your target audience and an outstanding logo needs to be integrated into your website design. It is the key visual component of your brand identity and should distinguish you from your competition. The right logo speaks volumes about your company!

I’ve created logo designs for a wide variety of businesses in the greater Atlanta area and beyond. Shown here are just some of the logos I designed. If you are ready to work together or want to find out more about the process contact me.

Kairos Real Estate Advisors logo

This project involved branding and logo design for a commercial real estate broker. His business model was his one-on-one personal relationship with clients. The challenge was creating a tagline that reflects this and integrates perfectly with the logo image.

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ICCC logo

 This is for a unique mental health practice that incorporates psychotherapy and meditation practices. The client wanted to emphasize the integration of the therapies they provide. The challenge was to work with a long business name with the four areas of counseling.

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Trust Capital Institute logo

The client, a business management consultant wanted the logo to allude to “pearl of wisdom” referenced in their tagline, “EMBRACE THE WISDOM”. Hence, the abstract pearl in shell.

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Allison Byrd Law logo

Law firm logos tend to be straightforward serif text designs. I wanted to create something more creative but still appropriate for a law firm. My solution was a simple, sophisticated graphic element to compliment the firm name. The use of a bird was a sly play on her name and could lend itself well to a simple abstraction.

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BrandSprout logo

Logo for a strategic marketing and management consulting firm. The challenge was to incorporate the “sprout” element into a logo but with a sophisticated feel appropriate for their service sector. The result was a subtle leaf motif with a sleek modern font and color palette.

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Nutmeg Inn logo

The client purchased a “retired” historic bed and breakfast inn. The challenge was to create a logo that would reflect the historic heritage of the inn and retain the feel of the original signage. The result was a logo with a color palette indicative of colonial colors perfect for signage as well as for their website and printed material.

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Sweet Tea Group logo

Logo design for a nationally recognized web design and interactive marketing company based in Atlanta. The owner, a born and bred Southerner, named the company after her favorite Southern refreshment. The whirlpool conveys the message that this company is ready to “stir up” creative strategies for their client.

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Gilbert Tweed International logo

Gilbert Tweed, a New York based executive placement firm wanted to emphasize their international reach and office locations worldwide.  

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Shasta Capital logo

Logo for a futures investment company. The client selected a full color photo of the company namesake which I manipulated to create a compelling two-color graphic paired with a formal serif font associated with finance.

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ACG logo

Logo for Arkin Consulting Group, a consulting firm specializing in medical device regulatory compliance. The letters A, C and G are integrated to create a bold yet abstract design.

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ABC Communications logo

Logo for a telecommunications consultant. The design uses recognizable elements associated with inter-office telecommunication products.

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Gulf to Golf logo

Logo for a real estate website which also serves as an
informational site about Sarasota to reach wider
viewership. The ball is used as an icon to represnt both
the beach and golf environments.

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PFI logo

This company needed to rebrand itself from its focus as a interior landscape company to a niche service providing interior, event and holiday branding for high-end companies and executives. The logo utilizes a classical architectural graphic with a subtle floral motif.

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Your HR Toolkit logo

Logo for a human resource
consulting start-up. This all typography
solution was developed to work within a
restricted budget.

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LIFEforce logo

Logo developed for Life University LIFEforce mentoring and recruitment program. It pairs part of the Life University
logo type with with a bold font incorporating the client’s request for “global” reference.

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